Thomas school bus engine diagram diagram base website engine

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Wolf0r Top Member. United States 79 Posts. If so, I would appreciate it greatly! You may ask your Mechanics at your shop or dealership. Mostly, you would not have acess to it. Who makes the Body of the bus? If i do find a schematic, i'll post the link. Answering Electrical Problems One at a Time. I don't think you, as a young child, qualify as having enough bus mechanical knowledge to be giving advice in this section of the forum.

Let's leave that up to the people who deal with buses on a daily basis. If not, just call and ask, they might be nice enough.

2005 nissan frontier fuse diagram diagram base website fuse

Why would it be hard finding an electrical diagram for a bus? You may have trouble finding schematics for that AmTran because it was made seventeen years ago I don't doubt that a bus made in this century wouldn't have an electrical diagram.

If i find a schematic, i'll give you the link. Too bad hes looking for the wiring diagram of a IHC. You must've gotten that information from Central State's website I put "thanks" in quotations, because I didn't think I'd stir up that much talk!

This bus is having a few electrical quirks and I thought that having a diagram would be beneficial, so I can see if, in it's prior ownership, had any modifications that weren't "by the book.

Why don't you call IC Corpratly 2. Call your local IC Distubitor 3. Visit your local IC Distrubitor's Website 4. Call your local IC Shop 5.

Visit your shop and ask them kindly for a copy 7. Your shop might have one, if they opperate those type of buses. Please Reply when youve tried all those. How does experience reading symbols relate to telling someone that they can get a schematic online?

You suggested that the original poster contact his IC dealer as a reply quoted to his post that he didn't want to contact his IC dealer. Also, what does "Corpratly" mean? Your post pretty much solidifies that 94AmTranVolunteer should leave giving professional advice to those who are trained mechanics and people who work in the industry! I'm sure it would get lots of hits! The only thing that requires a magnet on the bus is the cross arm if the bus has a cross arm that stays close to the bus by a magnet.The history of this brand began more than one and a half centuries ago - in - then the company specialized in automation of manual objects of labor.

Ten years later, " International Harvester " has become a sufficiently developed enterprise capable of producing trucks equipped with engines, both water and air cooling. To date, International is the largest manufacturer of trucksas well as buses and engines for them. Now Navistar International is the largest manufacturer of trucks and buses. The famous attachment Navistar belongs to the successor of International Harvesterfounded at the beginning of the last century, which was engaged in the production of trucks, but over time it was ruined and sold out in parts.

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thomas school bus engine diagram diagram base website engine

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Cookies improve the user experience and help make this website better.Thomas Built Buses is a company that has been involved in the production of children's school buses, intercity buses and even buses since the very first days of its existence. To date, the company is a subsidiary of the German automotive corporation Daimler AG.

Perley Thomas is a famous American industrialist and entrepreneur, a fitter by profession. A native of Canada, he began his acquaintance with trams, working at the branch of the tram manufacturer J. Brill and Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Later, Perlie moved to the US in a small town called High Point in North Carolina, where he worked as a chief engineer on the Southern Street Car - it was an enterprise specializing in the production of trams. Inhe was dismissed in connection with the current economic situation at the end of the First World War, and signed a contract for the repair of trams from the Southern Public Utilities Company.

And in subsequent years, Thomas organized the company Perley A. Thomas Car Workswhich became known already thanks to the production of trams. In the 30s of the twentieth century in the United States, trams on the roads began to replace buses that are gaining popularity among the population. Thomas could not help but pay attention to this, and besides, orders for the construction of new and repair of old trams began to fall.


Inhis company moved to the production of buses. In the first year, the company produced wooden school buses for North Carolina.

This marked the beginning of a long tradition that is still observed in the state today. The very design and design of school buses from the company Perley A. Thomas Car Works have become revolutionary. Prior to this, most school buses in the US were a wooden box on wheels, which has absolutely no means of security.

However, then, inthe situation changed. Inthe company introduced the first school bus made of steel. InFrank Sir, known as the "Father of the Yellow School Bus," set 44 mandatory standards, including a yellow color for school buses throughout the United States. Perley A.

Sincethe company has been one of the six largest campaigns for the production of school buses in the US market.Higher acquisition costs, often offset by subsidies or incentives. It all starts with the right engine Whether diesel, propane, gas or electric, long-range trips or short local drives, we have the power to meet your needs today and are pioneering the engines of tomorrow.

With an attention to detail and focus on your fleet, we keep you on the road and moving forward. Which fuel is right for your fleet? Most commonly selected fuel choice Proven reputation for durability Improved mileage Cleaner formula than prior years Robust infrastructure already in place Technicians with deep knowledge readily available Strong residual value. Technicians with deep knowledge, readily available Better startup and fewer complexities in cold weather Quieter engine Idling is less detrimental to the vehicle No aftertreatment required Lowest acquisition cost Most districts already running gasoline buses Type A Easier and less costly to maintain.

Electric Deliveries expected in Zero emissions Quiet operation Lower operating cost Lower maintenance costs Flexibility to charge during off-peak hours Enhanced safety and efficiency features Fewer parts required Grants and incentives available.

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High-performance versatility. No matter which engine you choose to suit your needs, rock-solid durability always comes standard. Cummins B6. Engine Type. PSI 8. That's the power of choice.

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Put the best up against the rest. Learn More. Your buses belong on the road. Our dealer network ensures it. Find A Dealer Learn More. Maximum uptime from quality construction, and maximum efficiency for maintenance and repair. Together, they ensure better life-cycle value and an overall lower cost of ownership.

And with eight parts distribution centers supplying more than 1, service locations in North America, count on maximum uptime and better operational control.Keeping your buses up and running is key to reducing costs and improving overall fleet management.

17 School Bus Engine Diagram

At Thomas Built Buses, our customer service program is a multi-function tool that provides you with ample flexibility to keep your buses in top condition. Whether you need repairs, parts, training or advice, our facilities and service are easily accessible.

Find the service center closest to you. At Thomas, our culture of continuous improvement is a cornerstone of our success. Platinum Support is a collaborative effort between Thomas Built Buses, Daimler Truck North America Aftermarket and its dealer network, focused on improving the customer experience and uptime.

It begins with a rigorous dealer training program that focuses on best practices for rapid diagnosis, responsive turnaround and clear, consistent communication. The training ensures that customers receive best-in-class service and repairs.

This reduces downtime and lowers vehicle lifecycle costs for each customer. When your dealership is Platinum Support certified, you can be sure your servicing dealer is fully committed to providing a level of service that far exceeds industry standards. The extranets give you access to parts ordering, warranty and service procedures, so you can fix the problem at your own location rather than paying for service.

Our dedicated bus technicians and engineers will help you solve the problem, directing you to the information you need, connecting you with a dealer who is an expert in state-specific requirements, or walking you step-by-step through the process. This Thomas tradition began as a traveling bus, instructing 10 students at a time. Today, it has grown into a weeklong curriculum held twice a year for customer technicians throughout North America.

Our training certification courses give participating technicians extensive, hands-on training and 28 credit hours of continuing education in less than a week. And your technicians will return to your shop with knowledge and skills that can greatly increase vehicle uptime for your fleet.

Find a Thomas Built Institute near you. At Thomas Built, we even have an efficient system for spreading the latest knowledge throughout our service network. We simply train the trainers. That is, service trainers at our dealerships receive factory training each year, so they can educate their team, expanding the knowledge individual technicians pursue on their own. The program has three distinct levels, which enable dealerships to utilize service personnel efficiently, some focusing on basic repairs and others handling the most sophisticated systems.

And you can get your buses back on the road as soon as possible. Thomas Built will help you maximize vehicle uptime by providing excellent service, training and parts availability. Sign Up and Receive Our Newsletter.Built to give you instant savings from the start - and down the road. This bus does not require thousands of dollars of additional equipment to run clean, and costs less to maintain.

A low up-front cost, reduction in parts and greater availability of gasoline mechanics make it easier and less expensive to maintain your fleet with the Blue Bird Vision Gasoline bus. Blue Bird's modern, gasoline-powered school buses are a safe and reliable low upfront cost option. Blue Bird's Gasoline buses are safe for the environment.

Our Vision Gasoline buses do not require a large amount of additional parts to run clean, and produces only 0. Blue Bird's Gasoline buses are safe for children.

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As with newer passenger vehicles, the in-tank fuel pump is electronically controlled to deliver only the amount of fuel required by the engine; no fuel is returned from the engine to the fuel storage tank. The fuel lines are isolated from static electricity and made from a low vapor permeable material to comply with Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards.

As with all liquid-fueled Blue Bird buses, our gasoline fuel system has been tested to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for fuel system integrity. At Blue Bird, we don't cut corners when it comes to safety.

We build our buses with safety as the number one priority- always. We're always thinking ahead when it comes to safety. Check out these safety features- they really are remarkable!

The performance of the engine relies on the transmission it works with. This is why Blue Bird has chosen to pair the Ford 6. This transmission was designed for the Ford 6. We make it easy to maintain with our superior technical training programs.

To set up training, please contact your local Blue Bird dealer. We pay attention to the details that deliver performance, and consistently explore ways to better our products. Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership, or TCOallows you to select a bus with confidence, because you will know you are getting the best return on your investment. Gasoline mechanics are more readily available which simplifies the maintenance process of your fleet, saving you time and money.

Blue Bird's VIsion Gasoline buses run clean without thousands of dollars of additional equipment. The Vision Gasoline bus delivers economical training and easy maintenance that saves time because of:. Back Blue Bird Academy. The low-acquisition cost leader. At Blue Bird, safety is built-in. Blue Bird's custom designed one-piece roof bow system ensures safe student transportation.

Blue Bird buses are built to pass the industry's most trusted safety tests. This is standard with our buses, not an option. Our options are designed with safety in mind.Introduced inthe Saf-T-Liner marked the transition to in-house chassis production by Thomas.

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Prior to its reorganization as Thomas Built Buses inThomas Car Works produced both front and rear-engined transit-style school buses to compete with other manufacturers.

As was the common practice during the era, production of the chassis was outsourced to another manufacturer. Thomas offered its transit-style buses on a wide variety of chassis in comparison to other manufacturers changing between DodgeFordGMCInternational Harvesterand Volvo. In contrast, Blue Birdthen the largest school bus manufacturer in the United States, manufactured its own chassis as did West Coast manufacturer Gillig.

For the first time, the Saf-T-Liner was produced on a Thomas-designed chassis. On the outside, the front roofcap was completely redesigned, fairing in the front warning lights; the "School Bus" lettering was changed to a reflective decal. In a move to increase visibility, the windshield was enlarged and reconfigured to a 2-piece curved configuration. A distinguishing feature of the redesign would be the design of the sideview mirrors.

thomas school bus engine diagram diagram base website engine

To improve forward sightlines, all three sets of sideview mirrors flat, convex, and blind-spot crossview were integrated into single roof-mounted units, eliminating a number of brackets.

Several parts of the redesign reflected the acquisition of Thomas by Freightliner. While the chassis remained a Thomas-produced unit, parts of the body were sourced from Freightliner, including the headlights from the Century Class and instrument panel from the Business Class M2 and Sterling trucks. In a further move to improve visibility, the instrument panel was centrally-mounted.

The EFX and the HDX also share the same roof cap design; a large 2-piece curved windshield replaced the 4-pane flat glass unit used previously. Aside from the front grille, the EFX is also distinguished by its use of separate crossview mirrors instead of the integrated units seen on the HDX.

thomas school bus engine diagram diagram base website engine

Inside, the interior is sourced from the update of the EF; the gauge cluster sourced from Freightliner is now offset towards the center of the bus. Introduced inthis model underwent minor redesigns during the s that reduced its chrome trim. Init received rectangular headlights. Introduced inthe ER was produced through the s with relatively few detail changes. Inthe headlights and front turn signals were switched from round to rectangular units.

Inthe driver's compartment was redesigned, with a much larger windshield. During the late s, this model was distinguished from MVP-series ERs by its optional black plastic headlight trim.

Additionally, on passenger models, a second rear axle was an option. As it was a regionally focused model, the WestCoastER did not sell in large numbers. However, as Crown Coach and Gillig both exited the school bus industry in the early s, Thomas gained significant ground on the West Coast. Both current models of the Saf-T-Liner are available with diesel engines or optional natural gas engine in the HDXand have a maximum seating capacity of 90 passengers.

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